Here are some ways we help improve your business.

Our Process

We use Analytics to improve your efficiency. Many businesses have no idea which systems are working and which are not. Gadget Geek Apps, LLC will analyze your data and create a tailored solution to improve the efficiency of your business. We do the geeky bit, so you don’t have to. From analyzing your advertising and lead generation systems to your databases and customer relationships management system, we discover the solutions that produce the biggest results.


We provide a system that allows you and your employees to view everything needed from wherever you are in the world. Need to access your corporate database while on the beach in Hawaii? No worries! Want to update your company’s website from home? We have you covered.

Eliminate the repetition

Are your employees wasting time retyping work that already exists? It’s not uncommon for employees to type the same information over and over again in different places (such as spreadsheets, Word documents, etc.) or to copy and paste it. Both options lead to increased errors and wasted time and money. We arrange all your data in a centralized, easily accessible location to prevent doubling up of work.

Prevention of human error

Human error accounts for most mistakes and can mean significant costs to a company. For example, what happens when someone inputs a customer’s email incorrectly? You lose the lead. How about putting too many zeroes on an invoice? We set up software which prevents human errors before they occur. No more fixing costly errors or relationships with disgruntled customers.

Protect your business assets and data

Have you ever lost data from your computer crashing? We hear that a lot. Cloud storage protects your information, so you will never lose important data when your computer crashes again.

Transferring information

Have you ever been frustrated from taking a spreadsheet list and exporting it, only to have to import that same list somewhere else? You are not alone. We create bridges that automate this process, so you no longer have to do it manually.

Secure your important Information

We protect your data so employees can access what they need without accidentally seeing something meant for your eyes only!

For you, we’ll Manage it All