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  • There are 327 million cell phones in America which people are accessing 24/7.

  • 70% of cell phone users search the web using their smartphone.

  • 25% of all internet users ONLY use the internet from their mobile device (that is one in four!).

  • 82% of businesses do NOT have a mobile optimized website, but 90% THINK they do!

Was your website built with a Mobile-First approach?

If your website is not mobile optimized, you are losing customers and creating a bad experience for visitors to your site. Slow load times are one of the biggest reasons customers abandon a website. According to a recent study, users are 10% more likely to leave your website if it takes 5 seconds or more to load.

Many business owners believe their website is mobile friendly when it really isn’t, and many more have no idea.  Until recently, most websites were not designed with mobile devices in mind.  This lack of a Mobile-First approach leads users to a bad experience with slower load times, fonts too small to read, incorrect scaling of images, and pages that freeze and do not work at all.

We develop websites (with a Mobile-First approach) that function and display beautifully across all three device types – Mobiles, tablets and laptops/desktops. The overall custom experience is enhanced using a Gadget Geek Apps, LLC premium mobile website. We accomplish this through pages that load quickly, readable fonts, easy navigation, and content that is interesting and valuable to your customer. All this means a greater return on investment from your site and more happy customers and income.

Did you know…

Google recently released an update, the industry refers to as “Mobilegeddon 2”, which penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile. This means your site ranking will begin to drop off and you risk disappearing from search engine results altogether! Businesses that rely on the internet for customers can be destroyed.  Let us help you correct this today.

Going mobile is simple. We have a variety of solutions ranging from creating a new responsive desktop/mobile optimized site to updating your existing website so that it’s mobile friendly. Contact us today to get your site not only mobile ready but mobile first!

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