Streamline Your Systems

We minimize the time you spend feeling overwhelmed because of technology and administrative tasks.

  • Are you concerned you are losing money due to inefficient business systems?

  • Do you have a paper trail that contributes to errors and wasted time which you would like to correct through automation?

  • Are you questioning whether your business systems are the most effective and efficient?

Your business systems should support your efforts and make life easier through saved time and money. With the correct systems in place, you can minimize the time you spend feeling frustrated because of technology and administrative tasks.

Gadget Geek Apps can analyze your work flow and suggest solutions that will save you time and money.

Here are just some examples of the systems you may currently use and how we can improve them:

Invoicing Systems

Do you spend too much time creating invoices for your customers? We have a solution that creates an invoice at the click of a button.

Payment Systems

Consider how your customers pay you. Does it take a long time for customer payments to reach you? Gadget Geek Apps provides a seamless and fast payment system so you have more control over when you get paid.

Data Input Systems

What happens when one of your customers updates their address? Do you have to manually input the new address across several spreadsheets? We set up database systems linking all your spreadsheets together, so you only have to enter data once, thereby, limiting your exposure to error and wasted time.

Monitoring Systems

Are you concerned about employees using work time to check their Facebook accounts? We can set up a system to monitor computer and device usage.

Clocking Systems

Do you wonder if your employees are making the best use of their time when visiting off-site locations? Gadget Geek Apps can connect you with a technology system which tracks your employees’ range of proximity to job locations, as well as clocking them in and out of the specific job automatically.

Tracking Systems

Want to know if one of your team is in close proximity to a customer who just phoned in an emergency job? We have an app that allows you to track your company vehicles on a map at any given time.


These are just a few examples of the systems, technology and applications Gadget Geek Apps can provide to improve the day to day running of your business. Every solution is tailored to meet your needs and overcome your unique challenges.

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